How to wear high heels in any weather

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How to wear high heels in any weather
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Rain, cold, snow, ice. Not ideal conditions for high heels, right? Wrong. There are no obstacles to the true lover of heels. With a few tips you can wear high heels in any weather.

Wearing high heels in any weather is not to be recommended for anyone though. If you are still getting the hang of walking in heels then don’t rush it. But if you are more experienced in walking in high heels and really, really love them and want to wear them even in bad weather, then you are at the right place.

So how to wear high heels in any weather

Alice Audley from The Telegraph says she is a six-inch stiletto kind of gal. Meaning she is our kind of gal and also an ideal person to listen to for advices.

The main problem with wearing high heels in the snow and ice for example are… the snow and ice. Heels make it extremely easy to lose traction, slip and fall. Especially on ice, since they put the center of weight a bit further up than normal.

In these cases a pair of WinterTrax Ice Grips might just do the work. For 10 British pounds you get a set of WinterTrax that are basically like snow chains for tires. You fit these things on the soles of your high heels (boots too of course) and you are ready to walk on the snow and ice with confidence.

They are light and easy to fit on various types of shoes. Just snap them on and you are good to go. No need for clips, ties and so on.

According to Audley they work pretty good. “They gave great grip, and stayed put when I ventured into some deeper snow. Though my feet were rather cold, I felt stable, mobile and even able to jump out of the way when a beginner snowboarder crashed behind me”, she writes.

“The problem is that high heels throw your weight forward, so your balance is compromised already, even before snow and ice. I think these look really good: wearing them would definitely make a fashion statement. I wouldn’t be surprised if a designer copied this on to a permanent shoe or boot”, says Margaret Dabbs who is a celebrity podiatrist.

We have solved the grip issue. But what about the cold? Naturally opt for tall boots with decent insulation. Also for for shoes from natural materials, like suede, leather.

You can also put on tights or proper leggings. You may want to put a double layer of socks but keep in mind that you will also need bigger shoes for that otherwise you will squish your feet which will worsen the cirtulation in them, thus making them feel cold.

Or flip a paper towel or a napkin around your toes. Sounds crazy but it will act as a nice extra layer of insulation.

There are also over the counter products. Like Toe Warmers. They have special gel in them that will provide warmth for up to six hours. Neat. Now you can wear high heels in any weather with no worries.


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