How to wear high heels without hurting your feet

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Walking in high heels can be painful. Very painful. That is if you make some common mistakes. So here is how to wear high heels without hurting your feet.

Is that even possible? After the Flatgate during the 2015 Cannes Film Festival a lot of celebrities complained about the pain they experience when wearing high heels and quite a few columnists went out of their way to try to drive home just how bad high heels are. Not that it had much effect as most women continue to wear them.

Sadly amongst those women are quite a few that are also in pain due to their high heels. This pain is caused by bad posture, wrong walk, going too high too soon and other common mistakes.

So here is how to wear high heels without hurting your feet

There is an old saying that goes “Victory loves preparation”. If you want to “win” at high heels and rock them like a supermodel, you have to do your homework. It doesn’t happen just because you put the heels on. So take your time to learn.

Then measure your feet and pick the right size that fits your properly. If you are an odd size or your feet are different sizes, opt for the bigger one and use extra accessories to make it fit better. Also do not underestimate the importance of having proper width in your shoes.

It is for sure tempting to go straight for those sexy sky high heels. But can you handle them? Why not start with lower heights first so your feet can get used to it? Another key factor is if your joints are flexible enough. Put the heels on and stand on your toes as high up as you can. The heels should go up at least a half an inch from the floor, otherwise they are too high for you.

A lot of women make the common mistakes of wearing only one or two pairs of shoes for a few days straight. What really matters though is diversity. Mix and match your shoes more often. Wear different heel heights every day, have a couple of days off from heels and in some sneakers or other lower shoes. The variety is important to keep your feet away from getting “fixed” to a certain shoe which will make every attempt to wear something else painful.

Also avoid wearing high heels on a bare foot. Socks or stockings will lower the friction and make it much more comfortable and will lower the pain. If needed, add insoles and gel cushions.

When walking, learn to keep proper posture. This means head up, spine straight, belly in. Take shorter strides, put the heel on the ground first and then the ball of the foot. Take short breaks from time to time.

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