How to wear jeans with high heels

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How to wear jeans with high heels
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Wearing jeans with high heels has turned out to be a preferred casual look for many women. As with other outfits there are some do’s and dont’s you should know.

If you like to wear jeans with high heels this usually means you like to both look casual and sexy. But if you don’t mix and match the two items properly you can ruin your look. There are also a few common mistakes that women do when wearing jeans with high heels and especially with boots.

So, how to wear jeans with high heels

First take into account what type of jeans you are going to be wearing. For example jean shorts would need you to select high stilettos that will make your legs look even longer and slender.

Skinny jeans would also need thin heels of about 4 inches high. Trouser jeans can be worn with most types of heels.

Also take note of the color or wash of the jeans. Usually medium and dark ones work much better with heels.

Bootcut jeans are not meant for boots. They have more loose shape which makes them more fitting for pumps, especially ones with pointed toes. If you do want to wear boots, keep them under the jeans and again have them with heels and pointed toes.

The same goes for straight cut jeans and flared jeans. The latter could use stilettos and a slight platform. Add Bell-Bottom jeans to these tips too.

Back to skinny jeans. They can be worn with all kinds of heels from about 4 inches and up and will look good. This is the type of jeans you can tuck into your boots.

It is best to never roll up your jeans to show more of the boots. As long as the jeans are not dragging on the floor and are showing at least an inch or two of your heels, you’re good to go. Remember, sometimes it is better to leave something for the imagination.

It is also a good idea not to wear jeans that are tucked into booties. Leave the pant leg over the bootie for a much better look.

As for the colors, this is up to you. In some cases it is best to stick to the basics. Black heels would look great on all jeans. The same goes for boots. Red pumps can also look good, but red boots might be a bit too much unless worn on black skinny jeans.

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