How to wear knee high boots

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Knee high boots continue to be one of the top trends in footwear. You can achieve a stunning look if you know how to wear knee high boots with differen outfits.

There are quite a few mistakes that can be seen from women who wear knee high boots. For example putting on a pair of white boots on a black outfit. While it may seem like a good constrast it is too big of a contrast and does not really look that good.

WIth that being said, you should not always stick to black boots. Yes, they are the easiest to pair and you can’t really go wrong. But adding some color boots from time to time can really make you stand out.

For example cream, brown or grey boots can look great for a casual daily outfit. A pair of cream boots combined with a denim skirt and a casual top can really make you look very stylish. Even if the boots are on thin heels and laces on the front which would normally make them provocative. Now they would add that splash of sexyness to the casual outfit.

Suede boots are also great for causual outfits. They can also work for office outfits too but then it would be best to stick with more conservative colors. A pair of black suede boots paired with a knee lenght pencil skirt can make your legs seem even more slender and longer.

Not all boots must be skin tight. Slouch boots can look great with a mid-lenght skirt or asymmetric dress.

Wide cowboy-style boots are great for casual outfits. Pair them with denim shorts to achieve the effect of long slim legs. If you go with a too long skirt you may make your legs look chubby and short.

You might be tempted to put on a pair of glitter knee high boots, or bright red patent ones. It is best to keep those for club nights. But if you really want to show them off during the day, it is best to pair them it a classic modest even a bit boring outfit like a light brown trench coat, to balance the outfit off.

Tighter fit

For tighter boots paired with jeans, you can tuck the jeans into the boots. But to that only for skinny jeans. Looser fitting ones will not look good and at the same time will ruin the silhouette of the boots by making them uneven.

There a boot-cut jeans and pants that can also work well with boots. Wear them over the boots.

Boots and leggings can also be a great, but a bit daring combination. This is why most ladies usually opt for a looser fitting top in a brighter color to balance the outfit. But if you are feeling especially playful, you can put on a slim leather jacket to really attract attention.

Color leggings and tights are also a nice option to wear with knee high boots. You can even choose different colored boots if the colors go well with each other. Great for casual outfits.

Slim skirts and dresses are a classic combination. Have them loose fitting or even flaring at the end for a feminine and gentle, yet sexy look.

Knee boots with chunky heels on the other hand are best worn with long skirts, dresses and coats.

Love colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment with both colors and fabrics. For example an outlif with leather boots, leather skirt and a biker jacket might seem a bit too much. But if for example the boots are black, the skirt is grey or burgundy, then it would look casual and not provocative. Especially if the shirt beneath the jacket is pink or another brighter color.

A cashmere sweather, suede boots and a leather skirt can also be a great outfit. It can work both for a causal outing or a day at the office.

It is important to remember that your main goal is to feel good in your clothes. You can wear the most sexiest or daring outfits ever but if you are not “feeling” it, it will show to everyone and will spoil your look. And yet, you may look as casual as ever, but feel great and that will make you the most attractive of them all. So first feel good, then follow the above advices for putting the cherry on top. Also check out some tips on how to wear over-the-knee boots.

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