How to wear lace-up boots casually

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How to wear lace-up boots casuallyLace-up boots, especially thigh-high ones, are traditionally viewed as something reserved for the “private” time. But they can also be a fashion go-to.

That is, if you are bold enough for such a look, but if also you know how to offset it. As with many things in fashion, it all comes down to your personal taste and goals.

Of course, the style of lace-up boots is also important. If you use flat knee-high lace-up boots, well that’s pretty easy to style. If you want to rock lace-up thigh high boots with a tall platform, well, those also are obvious – clubbing or for the special someone. Booties are also simple, especially during snow days.

But what about lace-up over-the-knee boots with high heels, but no platforms? Now those are quite tricky. On first glance, they too are for the “special occasions”, but you can kind of see how they could work with other outfits throughout the day, too.

So, how to wear lace-up boots casually?

Well, let’s start with the boots. You can rock suede lace-up boots with ease with a vast array of outfits. You can even opt them for an office style if you mix them up with the right skirt and top or a dress. In this case it would ideally be a relatively well fitted top, but not too tight along with a flaring A-line or even pleated skirt which reaches to below the knees.

When you want to rock lace-up boots casually during the day, then your goal is to offset their provocativeness and replace it with style. Unless you’re after provocativeness, of course, but that’s a whole other topic which with lace-up boots is quite obvious and easy to do.

So, back to the casual-ish style. The combos above will work with both suede lace-up OTK boots and leather ones, as long as the leather is matte. The goal here is to show off and accent the boots, but not give away where they end – i.e. no leg showing. The lace-ups are enough for that effect.

Also, if the laces are long, tuck them inside the boots. You don’t want laces swinging around your legs as you walk. That would ruin the casual look.

Avoid pairing such boots with pants, unless you want to go for a Kardashian look with yoga pants tucked into them. But then again, that’s not really casual, is it? Well, maybe it could be, if you add a long, suede unbuttoned coat. This way you add some extra style to the look.

And what about the shiny, patent lace-up OTK boots you ask? Yes, you can rock them casually, too. You can opt for a long summer dress with a split or a long straight skirt. The aim is to have them teasingly show from time to time, but not to overwhelm your overall look.

Basically, don’t be afraid to mix and match things up and challenge your style. These days fashion is always looking for something new and unique. Mixing daring items with regular ones is often avoided as it’s a tricky balance to achieve. But once you do achieve it, the results are more than great.

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