How to wear over the knee boots casually

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How to wear over the knee boots casually
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Over the knee boots are great for many reasons but they can look a bit… trashy if not worn properly. So how to wear over the knee boots casually and look good?

Happily the answers for that are quite a few. You have quite a lot of options to wear over the knee boots and not look like a hooker. This is great because OTK boots can be very comfortable, can keep your legs warm in the winter and can look amazing with the right outfit.

Bustle for example says that you can pair over the knee boots with plaid. This would create a dynamic effect and will balance the daring look of the thigh high boots. If you chose suede boots, the effect can be brought down even more.

Pair OTK boots with the classic little black dress. Now this is very easy to get wrong and send the message you don’t want, but it can also look very stylish if done right. If you wear a little black dress that falls more freely on the body and even flares out at the end, a pair of over the knee boots would look great.

With that being said, a pair of thigh high boots will look equally great with a body hugging little black dress, but you must be prepared for the added attention and remarks and looks of almost every man you will encounter.

Black leather over the knee boots with high heels and an office suit. Sounds good? It is. Especially if paired with knee-reaching pencil skirt for example. If you’re feeling concious you can always wear your thigh high boots under your office pants, thus both keeping your legs nice and warm, feeling sexy and hiding all of that just for you.

Lots of women usually pair over the knee boots with jeans and denim. That can work but it is a look that has been overused quite a lot. And it would work better with suede OTK boots instead of shiny leather ones.

A great way to ease down the effect of OTK boots is to pair them with color matching tights. This will “hide” the boots by blending them in with the rest of your outfit. In the same time you will still get all the benefits of over the knee boots.

A black official suit can also be broken up a bit by slipping on a pair of thigh high boots. Wear them low for a causal look and choose a pair with high heels for a more sexy look. Long coats also would work great with OTK boots.

Also the choice of over the knee boots can be quite important. A pair of skin tight boots would require the rest of the outfit to balance them out. But if you go for more loose fitting boots, then they can acutally be the ones who will make the outfit more casual.

The same goes for the fabric. Leather or patent boots give out a mixture of strong, confident look but with added provocativeness. Suede boots are more casual and blending in.

In the end remember the most important thing. Wear whatever makes you feel good.

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