How to wear socks with high heels

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How to wear socks with high heels
You can even go with themed pairings if you are feeling brave or playful enough. Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Kevin Dooley

Wearing socks with high heels was seen as a huge no-no for a very long time. Slowy though it has become a fashion trend. So how to wear socks with high heels properly?

It may sound a little strange, but yes. You can wear socks with high heels and look not only good, but sexy. It all depends on the type of heels and socks you pick and mix and match.

But you have to keep in mind a few things. You can wear thicker socks but that means you will have to chose thicker heels too. A pair of thin stilletos can work with socks if the latter are very thin and delicate.

Don’t be afraid of bold colors. Actually, pairing blue patent chunky heels with slingbacks with blue thick socks might work great. Best matched with long pleated skirts or dresses.

You can also try sparkly socks with strappy sandals or heels with ankle straps. If the socks are thin, you can opt for thinner heels too. Works for both casual days and parties.

For fans of the stree style. Try to match your booties with socks that show just a little bit above them. You can also balance a crop top with booties and a bit of a taller sock, not too tall though.

Taller socks, like calf high for example, are great for a schoolgirl type of outfits. Paired with heels, skirt and a white blouse, you will most certainly attract attention.

Thick printed socks will work great with printed heels. You can mix and match them in a wide variety of colors and prints. Just remember to go for thick heels, even if they are very, very high. You can even wear them with jeans.

Summer sandals and fall-ish socks? It can work if you pair them with pants for example. For a more fashionable-street-style type of a look.

If you do want to wear proper thin heels with socks, then you should best opt for darker colors. Also try to have the socks in a color that is as close to the shoes as possible.

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