ICYMI: Bella Hadid in skinny jeans and high heels at Victoria’s Secret in New York

You may have missed it, just like us. No worries, we will catch up – Bella Hadid was looking stunning in skinny jeans and high heels in New York a few days ago.

Bella has had quite the year so far. She was one of the main faces at several of the top fashion shows at the biggest fashion weeks.

Bella made a lot of appearances in daring and glamorous dresses at those events. But she can be equally impressive in casual outfits, as well.

That’s exactly what she did when she was in New York at the Victoria’s Secret HQ. There Bella rocked a pair of classic skinny jeans which shaped her supermodel legs even more.

Bella teamed the jeans with a classic white shirt. On top of it, Bella also rocked a white vest.

She completed the look with a pair of white high heels. They were well fitted with slight cutouts at the sides and classic thin high heels and pointed toes.

Bella is seemingly once again letting her hair grow long, which is lovely. She kept her hair loose and straight as per her classic style.

She also opted for an almost no-makeup look and a few jewels. It’s definitely a great outfit to rock when out and about. And it’s not an outfit that’s only reserved for celebs.

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