ICYMI: Nina Dobrev’s stunning two-tone dress and heels at the HFPA and InStyle party

With so many stuff going on in the world of celebrities and fashion it’s easy to miss out on some great outfits. For example, Nina Dobrev’s stunning look at the HFPA and InStyle party celebrating the Golden Globe Season.

Well, Nina was there a couple of weeks ago and was looking great. She opted for a very interesting dress which could have easily gone wrong as it’s a tricky style to pull off.

But Nina did pull it off. Quite well in fact. She was rocking a long evening dress with a two-tone style. The fit of the dress was long with a low top line holding it together with two thin straps around the shoulders.

The top half of the dress was backless with the straps crossing each other. And the dress also featured a medium height split over the left leg.

What’s more is that the entire back and sides of the dress were satin red. The front of the dress was a shiny metallic black fabric.

Nina also rocked some stunning high heels to complete her style. She opted for a pair of ankle-strapped platform high heels. The platforms weren’t very high, but added some extra height to Nina. The actual heels were thin and very high adding a more daring look and feel to Nina.

She was sporting her short hairdo in an elegant style. A dash of accenting eyeliner and a black clutch completed her look. She didn’t wear jewels, but instead the dress was the main jewel and attraction to her look.

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