Is rain bad for high heels

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Is rain bad for high heels
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Given how much you can spend on a pair of high heels you wouldn’t want them to be ruined by rain, right? Is rain that bad for high heels? Not if you take care of your shoes.

Wearing high heels in the rain is possible but there are a few things you need to consider. First is are your heels easy to slip? If they don’t have a rubber sole for example and you will be walking  more than from the car to the office, maybe you should reconsider.

Next up is what material are your heels made out of. Suede will be like a magnet wor dirt and mud and it won’t be easy to clean. And it would let water through so your feet will get wet.

Speaking of wet feet,  what is the shape of the shoe? It if is a low cut one, rain can get from the top of your foot and into the shoe, again making your feet wet and cold.

This makes only leather and patent ankle and proper boots suitable for rain. Unless it is hot summer and you are wearing high heeled sandals on a bare foot. Then they could work too. Some ladies joke that the best way to keep yourself off from the rain are platform heels. That could work if you can handle the extra height of a platform on a slippery surface.

But sometimes rain catches you unprepared. So there you are outside in your glamorous high heels and it starts to rain. You get back home soaking wet. Don’t worry, it is not the end of the world. Take your heels off and set them to dry, then dry yourself up.

Now take a look at your shoes and clean them from any mud or dirt as you don’t want it to settle. Then simply leave them next to something warm, like close to the heat vent of your refridgerator. The warm air will aid the drying up. Your shoes should be fine.


There are also some accessories for rainy days. Like the so-called high heel rain covers. These are some funky looking accessories that cover your feet and high heels and keep them away from the wet. They are with anti-slip surface too and even have a hole for the high heel. It is a question of personal taste whether you want to wear these or not, but they can help you keep your favorite designer heels out of the rain in an emergency case.


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