Is there such a thing as comfortable high heels?

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Is there such a thing as comfortable high heels?If high heels weren’t so painful they would probably be the most popular type of shoes ever. But are high heels to blame for the pain they cause?

It’s easy to say “yes” and then label all high heels as bad. But in reality things are a bit different. It’s not only about the type of shoe, but also the type of foot wearing it.

This is exactly why you could be wearing sporty sneakers and still feel pain in your feet. All the while you see someone rocking 5-inch stiletto heels with no issues whatsoever.

How is that even possible? Well, it’s all due to the unique combination of shoes and feet. It’s the same reason why some women feel perfectly comfortable in high heels, while others feel severe pain from their heels.

There are several factors which can lead to shoe pain or shoe comfort. Here are some of them:

Type of shoe

Yes, high heels generally are causing quite a lot of stress in your feet. They elevate the heel of your foot thus chancing the weight balance, center of gravity and weight spreading not only on your feet, but your entire body. If you go too high without being able to handle it, it will be a very unpleasant experience for you.

With that said, even sneakers can be painful. Their shape might be suitable for running, but not for long walking. They might just be too tight on your feet. This is why it’s important to take note of these details of any pair of shoes you consider buying.

With that said, some shoes are more ergonomic than others. A well designed and balanced high heel can in fact feel more comfortable than some poor quality sneakers.

Type of materials

This is also very important. The overall shape of the shoe might be fine, but if the materials are of poor quality, you will suffer. For example, avoid heels with plastic straps or toe boxes for long walks. While transparent straps and toes are popular, that material is also very rough and will scuff your feed if you wear it too long. So, keep them for events where walking will be limited and there will be seating. Opt for shoes made out of leather, suede and other natural, comfortable fabrics.

Some will also have extra padding, while others – won’t. So, consider adding insoles for extra comfort. That could do wonders for your overall look and feel.

Unique foot characteristics

A foot is a foot, right? Well, not quite. While they do look similar, feet can be very different. Even your own two feet have slight differences between each other. And no, not because one is left and one is right. They will have slightly different sizes, their bones and ligaments won’t be identical either.

This is why you may feel that one foot is more stressed than the other. Subconsciously you will start putting more strain on the stronger foot, thus increasing the stress in it, too. As a result, you end up with two sore feet. Same goes for person to person. It’s why some feel perfectly fine in some shoes while someone else is uncomfortable in them. It’s natural.

Ligaments condition

And while your feet might feel fine in your heels or other shoes, that’s still not a guarantee for comfort. Especially if your ligaments or joints are stressed. You could do some exercises to help them get stronger and more flexible. Proper dieting is also important.

Overall body condition

Speaking of dieting and overall condition that is also important. Otherwise you risk pain in other areas of your body like knees, lower back and so on. If your overall physical condition is better, you will handle heels with ease. And you will feel a lot better in general and will be healthier. So, it’s a win-win-win.


If you feel stressed and worried every time you have to wear high heels, then you set yourself up for bad times. If your mindset is that heels equal pain, that’s what you’re going to get. Instead, change your mindset. Make it that heels equal something else which is positive. If you stop focusing so much on shoe pain, you won’t feel it with each step. Plus, when you think about it, you will start altering your strut. And the way you walk is also important for high heel comfort.

Also, read up on how to choose the right heels for you.


Yes, even your clothes can have an effect on your shoe comfort levels. For example, if you wear something too restrictive, like a very tight skirt, this will limit your stride. In turn, this will change your walk and if it’s a stride you’re not used to, you will get tired faster and your feet will hurt.

If you wear too tight jeans or leggins, you can also have problems. They can limit blood flow in your legs. Not enough blood in your feet means pain. Lots of pain. So make sure you pick not only shoes that are comfortable, but also an outfit which is something you can handle and feel comfortable in.

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