Is this Kate Middleton’s secret to wear high heels all day?

Is this Kate Middleton's secret to wear high heels all day?
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Amy the Nurse

It’s no secret that Kate Middleton loves high heels. The Duchess of Cambridge has been wearing heels almost on a daily basis for years.

During all that time she has traveled the world, played with kids, walked in various grassy and even muddy fields and never missed a beat in her high heels. All of that is very impressive.

So, what’s her secret? Is it that she just loves heels and fights through the pain? Or maybe she’s among the chosen ones who just naturally feel great in high heels and never had any issues with them?

Maybe she has help? It’s probably a little bit of everything. According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Kate does have a trick up her sleeve.

She is a big fan of Alice Bow insoles. They are elegant paddings made out of leather. You slip them into the shoes and they cushion the whole foot – toes and heels as you walk.

According to Vanity Fair she’s been a fan of the products for years. At least since 2015.

So, that’s for sure a bit help for her. But we also expect it’s not the only reason. Kate’s been rocking heels long before that and since. So, she’s also used to them and has proven she can handle them in any situation. And we’re also pretty sure she has found the style and height which is just right for her so that she’s comfortable for as long as possible.

Put all of this together and you have a recipe for a big win. With the results to show for it, too.

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