Is this the ultimate secret to wearing high heels painlessly?

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Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Amy the Nurse
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Amy the Nurse

Lots of women continue to experience pain when wearing high heels no matter what they do. But there might be yet another way to wear high heels painlessly.

Many ladies try to fit their heels better, use various remedies and tricks, exercise. Sadly nothing seems to be working. But don’t accept that this is par for the course and just continue to wear high heels while experiencing pain. Don’t give up on wearing heels altogether either. There’s always a way.

The trick, according to the Indian version of LifeHacker is very simple, yet effective. Before you put your heels on, take a piece of scotch tape or a medical nude colored band. Then wrap it around your second and third toe thus bringing them together.

Don’t do it too tight, simply have them close to each other. Then put your heels on and walk for hours in considerably less pain than before.

How is this effective? There is a nerve going through the middle of these two toes. Often heels cause the toes and the ball of the foot to compact which may pinch these nerves sending pain signals that something is not right.

So, the theory is, if you bring the toes together you ease the pressure on the nerves thus less or no pain. This doesn’t mean that you should stop fitting your shoes, stop walking correctly or stop your exercises. Quite the opposite. Continue doing those to keep your feet in shape and minimize the risk of problems in the long run.

Did you know this trick and is it effective for you? Let us know. We’re also going to try it out but first we need a lady that has issues with her heels, as there aren’t many like them around us for some reason.


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