Izabel Goulart wows in stunning high heels in Rio

The Olympic Games in Rio are underway and a lot of Brazil’s top supermodels are there. Among them is Izabel Goulart who wowed in stunning high heels.

Izabel Goulart was in Rio just in time for the opening ceremony. While she didn’t take part in it, she was still an important ambassador for Rio for various other activities in the city during the big day.

She also took the opportunity to take some well deserved rest and enjoy Rio with her friends. Even her casual time out though was as glamorous as you can expect.

Izabel wowed in a stunning outfit showing off her supermodel legs. She opted for a pair of daring high heels. They had ankle straps and spike heels.

The heels were quite high, but as you can expect, they were no problem at all for Izabel. She rocked her supermodel stride and wowed onlookers.

Her outfit was an interesting mix between a dangerously short skirt with buttons and a styled sport jacket. It made sure to draw attention to her legs.

Izabel completed her look with a pair of aviator sunglasses and some jewels. The supermodel rocked a stylish hairdo showing off her beautiful long hair. Needless to say, it was a gorgeous look.

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