Jacqueline Macinnes Wood rocked a stunning leather dress and high heels at a special party in LA

Wow! Celebrities really are hitting a top stride when it comes to stunning leather outfits! Jacqueline Macinnes Wood wowed in a leather dress and heels.

Jacqueline was at “The Bold and The Beautiful” 30th Anniversary Party in LA. She was among the most stunning looking guests at the event for quite a few reasons.

One of them was the stunning Moschino biker leather dress. It’s definitely one of the most gorgeous leather dresses out there. Sadly it’s immensely expensive, but that comes with the designer outfits.

The leather dress accented Jacqueline’s natural beauty. She looked absolutely stunning. The dress added to her look and Jacqueline was feeling brave.

She opted to add some extra cleavage by pulling the zipper of the dress above her left leg quite high. To complete her look, Jacqueline rocked a pair of classic elegant high heels. They were black with pointy toes and added to Jacqueline’s stunning and elegant look.

We’ don’t really have much more to add. Simply a great look for Jacqueline.

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