Japanese designer creates new type of high heels

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Japanese designer creates new type of high heels
YaCHAIKA high heels

High heels are challenging shoes to walk with for many women. A Japanese designer has created a new type of heels that are said to be pain free and comfy.

Yasuyuki Yamada is a biomechatronics researcher at Tokyo’s Chuo Universidy and says women not always have the option of not wearing high heels. Even if they are not mandatory, for certain settings ladies risk looking too casual. This is why high heels are here to stay, says Yamada. But there is a solution.

Yamada has created an entirely new type of high heel shoes that give the extra height, but not the pain. They are crafted in a special way to look stylish and take away some of the stress that high heels normally put on toes, ankles and the feet. RocketNews 24 reports.

The shoes are called YaCHAIKA. They use specially designed high heels that are made to absorb some of the impact of each step. Special research has shown that the high heels do indeed work and take away some of the stress on the feet, thus resulting in more comfortable shoes.

The name YaCHAIKA is chosen to honor Valentina Tereshkova. In 1963 she became the first woman in space and her call sign was Chaika which is Russian for seagull. When she was transmitting from space, she was introducing herself with the words Ya Chaika, which is Russian for I am Seagull or This is Seagull. According to Yamada, the design of the high heels also resembles the wings of a soaring seagull in flight. For an added bonus, the name of the shoes also closely resembles the Japanese phrase meaning “Let’s do this”.

The shoes were nominated for a James Dyson Award for student design. Yamada is already working on an improved model which will be shown during the Tokyo Design Week next month. It is where Yamada is hoping to get feedback for YaCHAIKA and see if it is possible to put the shoes into production.

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