Jennifer Aniston looks effortlessly elegant in high heels at the Storks premiere

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most stylish and elegant celebrities ever. She proved this once again with an effortless look in high heels at the premiere of Storks.

Storks is an animation, but Jennifer voices one of the lead characters. So, she had an integral part of the red carpet premiere of the movie.

Jennifer turned up in a very simple, but elegant outfit. She had opted for a short colorful sleeveless dress. It had a loose fit and reached to just above her knees.

Aniston rocked a pair of stylish double ankle-strapped high heels. The heels were very high with a very thin sole. It made it look as it even didn’t exist.

This provided for a very sleek and elegant look. Jennifer added to that by keeping her hair long and loose and opting for minimal makeup.

It is a very simple and elegant look. Jennifer showed that it works for a casual day out as well as a red carpet event. Great stuff.

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