Jennifer Lawrence wows New York in a pair of Jimmy Choos

Jennifer Lawrence yet again managed to put everyone on notice with her latest look. The Hunger Games star was spotted in New York looking stunning in a pair of Jimmy Choos.

Lawrence was on the top of her game in every department of her outfit and look. She was wearing a crop top and a fitted pencil skirt which combination is on of this summer’s hottest trends (and rightfully so). In Jennifer’s case the skirt was by Michael Kors.

Jennfer had her long blond hair set free which further added to her glamour look. SHe had a pair of sunglasses and a necklace. To complete her look she had also gone for minimal make-up which has became quite the trend.

The foundation of her glamorous look was of course in the form of her high heels. Lawrence had chosen a pair of Jimmy Choo’s Dulsa high heels that complemented her outfit perfectly.

The heels have a few thick straps on the front, a metallic lace-up part of the back of the wearer’s heel and a lacquered high heel. This look was a complete turn around from Lawrence’s past few outings in which she surprised photographs by drawing a mustache and an unibrow on her face, using chopsticks for teeth and so on.

This time she was at the top of her game because she was going for a special event – the Assouline and W Magazine dinner in honor of the release of the book “Tim Palen: Photographs from The Hunger Games”.

The final installment of The Hunger Games is due this fall.


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