Jennifer Lopez shares her top tips on how to wear high heels

Jennifer Lopez loves high heels. She often wears the most daring and sky high heels you can imagine. And now she shares her top tips on how to handle them.

Jennifer talked to Vogue and she shared some of her best high heel tips. This comes in light of the debut of her new shoe collection in collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti.

Jennifer’s collection reflects her own style and preferences. This is why the heels in it are sky high, bold and provocative. And they are meant to be worn all the time.

But how can you handle high heels for so long? “There are a few secrets. One: switch heels. I never perform in the same shoes I wear on the red carpet.” Of course, most of us don’t perform, but Lopez says you can use this strategy in your everyday life.

“For any performer, the shoes you dance in are typically different from shoes that are a part of your look for the evening. But this can be applied to women taking a look from day to night or even if you’re going to be at one event for a long period of time, like a wedding. Switching shoes gives your feet a break from the previous shape and pressure points”, she adds.

Two: try to find shoes with a little bit of a platform, even if it’s hidden. It makes a huge difference.” It really does.

“And three: practice makes perfect. By wearing heels frequently, you figure out how to distribute your weight and posture so that all the pressure isn’t only on the arches of your feet, which is what usually causes pain”, Jennifer says. We have you covered with our guide on how to wear high heels.

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