Jennifer Lopez shows off her high heels collection

Unsurprisingly Jennifer Lopez has a huge wardrobe. In it there is a special room for high heels. Recently Jennifer Lopez showed off her high heels collection which you should really see.

Problem is most of us won’t really be allowed in. But Jennifer has that covered. Recently she gave the people behind… People Magazine a peek inside and lo and behold, there is a video online showing her big high heels collection.

We wish we could tell you exactly what high heels Jennifer has in her closet, but sadly they are so many it is not really possible. Instead, lets say that she has almost everything you can think of. There are countless designer high heels along with lots of more casual heels. You can also spot a few pairs of boots but not that many. It seems Jennifer is not that big of a fan of boots.

In the clip Lopez reveals that she picked the clothes she wore in the movie Boy Next Door herself and from her wardrobe. The reason? It was a low budget movie and Jennifer has a huge wardrobe, so no wonder they went that way instead of buying, renting or making clothes especially for the movie.Actually it’s not really a wardrobe or a closet. More like a huge room, that is bigger than some apartments.

Naturally she also picked the high heels. In the case for the movies, they were a few pairs of PRADA shoes about 15-18 years old.

In the video you can also see some other famous JLo dresses. Including the famous Versace dress she wore at the 2000 Grammy Awards.

But enough is enough. Lets check out the video and see Jennifer Lopez’s high heel collection and wardrobe.

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