Jessica Chastain looks superbly elegant in a long dress and high heels in Cannes

The 2017 Cannes Film Festival is officially done. As celebrities are slowly leaving, we can see some of their last stunning outfits for out and about.

For example, Jessica Chastain and her stunning look as she was leaving her hotel. Jessica teamed a classy elegant look with stunning heels for a great outfit.

It was certainly the glamorous and elegant type of looks which we’re used to seeing in Cannes. It’s an outfit that works great for dinner events, but also simply for out and about.

Finding such outfits is a challenge, but one that Jessica has pulled off with great results. The key to a great everyday outfit is simplicity. The outfit should be simple and without too many accessories or too many colors.

So, Jessica opted for a very elegant long beige dress. It had a classic shape, starting off fitted and flaring out at the legs. The dress was quite long, reaching to a little below Jessica’s ankles.

She then added some extra height with a pair of ankle-strapped sling back high heels. They were by Louboutin and featured a thick diamond-like toe strap, too. The heels were what turned the elegant, but casual dress into an elegant and attractive look, perfect for pretty much any occasion.

Jessica completed her look with a small hand bag with a matching color and a golden chain and a pair of elegant sunglasses. Needless to say she looked great.

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