Jessica Hart wows in full gold at the Golden Heart Awards

How should one dress for the Golden Heart Awards in New York? In gold of course. Full gold. This is what model Jessica Hart did and wowed at the event.

Well, nearly full gold. the 29-year-old Australian model turned heads by wearing a sparkling mini dress that was half gold, half silver. The dress even had long sleeves which Jessica had rolled up to her elbows to show off even more skin.

Hart kept the metallic theme with her make up, jewels and high heels. Her heels were silver, ankle strapped and with as little fabric as possible to make it as she was gliding in the air on her toes.

It was definitely one of Jessica’s best looks and showed why her popularity is growing. She was also easily one of the most notable persons at the event with her glittering outfit making it easy to notice her everywhere she went. Jessica managed to handle her high heels and outfit and extra attention with ease. She is going on the “watch” list for sure.

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