Jessica Simpson loves high heels so much, she goes jet skiing with them on

Jessica Simpson revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she loves high heels so much that she never takes the shoes off even when she goes jet skiing. It turns out Simpson is one of the biggest fans of high heels amongst the celebrities.

What’s more Jessica says she has more grip with high heels on and feels more stable. She even showed Fallon a photo of her in ankle strapped stilettos driving a jet ski. “I mean, doesn’t it look like a Ralph Lauren ad?” she bragged of the photo, quickly clarify it and saying: “I should say a Jessica Simpson Collection ad!”

Taking a look back through the online archives, you will notice that there are pretty much almost no picture of Simpson with a pair of high heels on. Furthermore, she seems to prefer sky high heels, platforms, stilettos. Overall she is a fan of the killer high heels.

Jessica Simpson is the third celebrity in a very short amount of time who confesses her big love for high heels. Before that was Kate Hudson who said she’s loved heels ever since she was 12 years old. Another fan of the footwear is Blake Lively.

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