Jessie James Decker shows off her fall collection and wardrobe

Country singer and fashion designer Jessie James Decker has shown off her new Fall collection and given a glimpse to her wardrobe. It’s an interesting tour.

The… people at PeopleStyle magazine were the lucky ones who got the tour and shared it. Jessie had her second child a month ago, but is already working on her next fashion collection – the Spring 2016 Kittenish collection for Kora Rae.

But now the focus is on her Fall Kittenish collection. It is aiming to be as sexy as possible. It doesn’t really follow established trends and instead it simply features items that Jessie likes. She gets help from designer Rachel Turzer at Kora Rae.

“I love working with Rachel, we are always on the same page with everything. Even in our design meetings we will just look at each other, and we both know if we like something or not. It’s so important to have that with your business partner. Oh and she’s fabulous and has excellent taste!”, Jessie says.

The clothes she designs have a special purpose. “I wanted to design clothes to help build confidence. There are so many different styles to choose from to help figure out what suits you best. I wanted to make sure these pieces not only made you look good, but feel good as well”, Jesse adds. Her favorite items from the Fall collection are fitted leather pants, a classic fitted black leather dress and a sexy blazer. Even so, Jessie says there are other vital items in the wardrobe for this fall: “Flannel is key! I have a 100 of them from over the years and always will have them, like my Rachel Green plaid shirt. They never go out of style.”

Jessie gives some fashion tips as well. She has quite a big collection of high heels and says boots and heels are a great way to pair black skinny jeans. Add an oversize sweater and a leather bomber jacket and you’re good to go.

Her shoe collection consists of dozens different pairs of high heels in various heights and shapes. There is a shoe for every occasion and mood and it is no surprise her sister always loves to “steal” shoes from her.

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