Jimmy Fallon gets a catwalk lesson from the stunning Gisele Bundchen in high heels

Gisele Bundchen may be retired, but she’s still one of the best. She reminded us that when she gave a catwalk lesson to Jimmy Fallon in high heels.

The supermodel was a guest on Fallon’s The Tonight Show to talk about her new book and what she is doing now after retiring. Gisele said she’s simply resting and waiting to be inspired by a new goal.

Gisele really did look a lot more relaxed and happy. She looked stunning in a pair of skin tight latex pants, a pair of gorgeous strapped high heels and a casual loose sweater for a top.

The outfit was a mixture of casual and provocative and it looked great on Gisele. She was feeling playful so she offered Jimmy Fallon to pass him her supermodel torch and teach him the catwalk.

Tonight on @Fallontonight 🎥#giselesbook

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Fallon seemed prepared and as he pulled out his own glamorous high heels. Even Gisele noted “Those are crazy shoes!”

“So first things first, put the chest forward, squeeze the belly in and shake the hips”, she said. Then she showed how it is done to a huge cheer from the audience. Then it was Fallon’s turn and you can see the results in the video:

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