Joanna Krupa wows in a full denim jumpsuit and golden high heels

Denim is one of the all-time constants in the fashion world and can be great for a wide array of events. Just as Joanna Krupa showed us recently.

She was a Giorgio Baldi for a night out a couple of days ago with some friends. And she opted for a stunning denim jumpsuit and golden high heels for an outfit.

If it sounds like a tricky thing to pull off, it definitely is. But Joanna had it covered and was on top of her game.

It’s easy to make a fashion mistake with a denim jumpsuit. Especially if you team it with the wrong shoes.

But Joanna did everything right. First, it was the actual denim jumpsuit. It had a tight fit and a revealing top part which transformed into two thin neck straps. The back was almost completely opened. This added some elegance and provocativeness to the look.

Joanna wasn’t done there. She also opted for a pair of stunning high heels. They were golden with long, pointed toes and high spike heels. The shoes also features a slight pattern.

Joanna kept her long hair loose and styled over her right shoulder. She opted for a dash of accenting makeup without going overboard with it. The end results were quite impressive, we think. She did so, too, as she spent some time to pose for the photographers.

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