Joanna Krupa wows in a nude lace dress and high heels in Poland

Supermodel Joanna Krupa was in Warsaw, Poland and appeared on the Good Morning TVN TV show. She wowed in a superbly elegant dress and matching high heels.

Joanna has always rocked a great style. Elegant, attractive, classy. Those are the fashion staples you can always expect from her.

And her latest appearance in Warsaw proved this once again. Joanna wowed in a superbly elegant style.

She rocked a long lace dress in a nude color. It almost perfectly matched her skin tone. The dress starts off fitted, but with a huge neck line.

Then the skirt part of the dress flows long and loose. It was reaching the ground, so Joanna had to hold it up a bit to navigate the pavement.

She also rocked a pair of matching stunning shoes. They were nude colored high heels with a classic style. The shoes had pointed toes and thin, very high heels.

They proved to be a bit of a challenge on the rough pavement, so Joanna had to be extra careful. Even so, she managed to handle it with ease.

Joanna completed her look with a no-makeup style. She opted only for a dash of eyeliner and visibly nothing else. She did style her hair nicely and loose though, to further add to her stunning look.

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