Julie Lopez Shoes aims to discover the perfect high heels

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Image credit: Julie Lopez Shoes

Every woman who wears high heels has experienced pain and discomfort at least a few times. Julie Lopez Shoes aims to discover the perfect comfortable heels.

Julie Lopez has her own high heel horror story and it happened at the worst time possible – at her daughter’s wedding. Julie’s feet were hurting so bad from her high heels that she had to spend the reception barefoot. It is then that she decided there has to be a solution and set to find the perfect, comfortable as possible, high heels, NBC News reports.

This was the “birthday” of Julie Lopez Shoes. Lopez has a background as an orthopedic nurse, so she knows a thing or two about feet, joints, bones and the like. It all started with a simple solution – simply make high heels that are a bit wider at the toes.

A very big reason for foot pain from high heels is that they simply squish your toes and the ball of the foot. With time this causes discomfort and pain. But if you have enough room for your toes, then it will be much more comfortable for you.

“When they are thin in the forefoot, they put pressure on the nerves and cause burning and pain especially with long-term wear,” says Dr. Howard Osterman of the American Podiatric Medical Association.

This required some extra changes to the overall design of the heels to keep them sleek and stylish and still giving the pointy slimming visual effect at the toes. Julie has also removed the seams inside the toe box which might rub against the skin and irritate it. There are also extra pads and cushions to make it even more comfortable. Last, but not least, there are tiny slits in the fabric to allow further expansion and give a little extra room for people with hammertoes or bunions.

“It’s not going to be a tennis shoe, but it’s also something that you can wear and be comfy in for extended periods of time because your foot is more normal in it,” she says.

The shoes are handmade in Italy, close to Florence. Their prices are around 200-220 dollars depending on the model.

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