Karlie Kloss and Brooke Burke show us what pin-like thin heels really are

Karlie Kloss and Brooke Burke are no strangers to the high style and daring hihgh heels. Both impressed with some of the thinnest high heels you will see.

Rocking pin-like thin high heels is the biggest shoe challenge there is. Thin heels make walking much more difficult as there’s less surface to balance your foot on.

This means your feet, ankles and legs have to be in great shape. They have to be strong enough to balance your weight and flexible enough to tackle the pavements.

Plus, a thin heel can get caught between tiles and grids more easily. This means you have to be extra careful.

The benefits of pin high heels are for the looks. They look most daring, and invisible from some angles. It’s like you’re challening gravity without the chunkyness of heelless shoes. Plus, the thin heel looks even more elegant and adds to the lightness of the look and feel.

But since they are quite challening to handle, most pin heels are relegated only for short events or photoshoots. Not when it comes to Karlie Kloss and Brooke Burke, though.

Both of them opted for these daring heel types this week. Brooke was on her way to dinner in Malibu. She opted for a fitting white summer sheer dress which she teamed with the aforementioned shoes.

Brooke rocked a pair of elegant golden high heels. The shoes had thick ankle straps which were styled to look like a bracelet. They featured thin high heels and a tiny platfrom. You can see how easy it’s for the heels to get caught between the planks, so Brooke had to be extra careful. Buf for a view like that, the sacrifices are worth it, right?

Karlie Kloss on the other hand was out in New York. She also opted for a white dress, but a fitted silk one.

She teamed the dress with a pair of strapped black high heels. They had even thinner heels which were out of metal. The shoes had no platform at all and were even more challenging.

Even so, it seemed that Karlie had no problem handling the heels. She walked gracefully and with ease and looked as impressive as ever.

And there you have it – pin thin heels. They can and do look great in the right setting. They might be quite challening to hanlde, but if you can pull it off, the results might be quite impressive.

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