Karlie Kloss wows with a stylish look and sparkling OTK boots in Milan

Karlie Kloss is busy during the Milan Fashion Week, but this doesn’t mean she can’t have fun. And she does it while looking stylish and glamorous in boots.

Kloss has always had an unique style. She showed it in full force when she was out and about in Milan, enjoying the city.

And she used the time for some special photos with the sights in the background. For all of this Karlie chose a special outfit.

It was quite simple, yet effective. The outfit featured a coat-like red dress. It was with a hug-me style and featured a high split at the front. The dress was held together with a black leather belt.

Karlie also opted for glamorous footwear.  She was rocking a pair of over-the-knee boots with a sparkling design.

The boots featured pointed toes and thin, medium height heels. They were enough to slim Karlie’s look which was needed because of the wider dress. She knows how to balance outfits quite well.

Karlie also sported a new hairstyle which kept most of her hair in a small bun. Her hair color was also lighter than usual and she rocked accenting darker makeup to complete her look.

Karlie took time to pose for some pics and enjoy the city. And she looked stunning in the process. Nicely done.

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