Kat Graham impresses in a rainbow dress and platform high heels in LA

Kat Graham joins the celebrities who love the new trend of platform high heels. She impressed in such a pair and a colorful dress in Los Angeles.

Kat was seen leaving her hotel in Beverly Hills. She was heading to Harper’s BAZAAR September Issue Dinner party.

As many other celebs, Kat was dressed up for the occasion. She opted to show off her unique style and taste like only she can.

Kat rocked a colorful rainbow sequin dress. It was a very unique dress for sure. It actually looked like a bath robe and was styled a bit like such.

But it was actually a dress and a very interesting one. Kat certainly liked it as well as she spent some time posing in it and looked quite confident in it.

She added extra daringness to her look with a pair of platform strapped high heels. They had thick platforms and equally thick and very high heels. Even so, Kat walked in them with ease.

For the bright part of the day Kat also added a pair of big sunglasses to her look. Later she took them off revealing a very elegant makeup with a dash of eyeliner and eyeshadows teamed with nude lipstick.

Kat completed her look by keeping her hair loose and opting for a few rings on her right hand. And that was it, really. It was more than enough to make her look quite remembering.

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