Kate Beckinsale looks incredible in a tight leather skirt in high heels in NY

We love the elegant everyday look. It works great everywhere and looks superb everywhere. Kate Beckinsale’s last outfit of leather and high heels proves it.

This type of look is easy to accomplish and gives you a lot of options. Kate Beckinsale knows how to work it with ease.

She was spotted in New York filming “The Only Living Boy in New York”. And she rocked an incredible outfit doing so.

Kate looked very elegant in a tight long leather skirt. It had a high waist and reached all the way down to her calves. The skirt was shaping her curves beautifully and stylishly.

Kate also opted for a loose fitted black shirt with flower prints and long sleeves. She completed her elegant outfit with a pair of classic sky high pointy-toed high heels. A big leather yellow shoulder bag and aviator sunglasses finished the look.

Kate rocked her hair long and loose with seemingly minimal makeup as per the current trends. Her outfit shows how the simple and elegant look often can have the most powerful effect. Nicely done!

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