Kate Hudson admits lifelong passion for high heels

Kate Hudson admits lifelong passion for high heelsKate Hudson is amongst the celebrities who love high heels quite a lot. Recently she had said to Jimmy Choo she’s had a lifelong passion for the high shoes.

Recently Kate had an on stage interview with high-end shoe designer Jimmy Choo who asked her about her love for high heels. “I must have been twelve, when I got my first pair of high heels, and it was for my graduation. My mum didn’t let me wear heels back then, but I used to go in her closet and try hers on, of course”, she said, quoted by the KIldare Nationalist.

“I wore a sundress that had a big skirt and it was white with little cherries on it. My mum bought me my first pair of high heels that day, they must have only been an inch or so. They were bright red and she gave them to me all wrapped up. I was so happy! So my first pair of heels were bright red pumps, which I couldn’t have been more excited about”, Kate says.

Kate is now part of Jimmy Choo’s autumn/winter 2015 ballet-inspired campaign, which is something close to her heart. “I grew up dancing. My mum put me in dance classes since I was three years old and I did ballet up until 12 before she allowed me to take more types of dance, like lyrical”, she says.

Kate’s love for high heels is strong to this day. The 36-year-old actress can often be seen in high heels not only for official events, but during her casual days out and about. Kate has quite a big collection of heels from various designers and styles. Generally, though, Kate seems to prefer killer heels and platform heels. She mostly sticks to classic stiletto styles, but is no stranger to chunky heels and other styles, too.

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