Kate Middleton channels her inner Marilyn Monroe during a visit in India (video)

One of Marilyn Monroe’s most famous moments is the one with the white dress and the wind. Kate Middleton had a similar experience during a visit in India.

The difference is Kate’s moment wasn’t actually planned nor intended. It happened while she and Prince William laid a wreath to honor soldiers from Indian regiments who served in World War I at the India Gate.

During that day Kate was wearing a very stylish long white dress by Emilia Wickstead. The dress cost about 1700 British pounds and since it looked so good on Kate, it was immediately sold out. Go figure.

The dress though decided to misbehave a bit at the most inconvenient time possible. Right as Kate and William were laying the wreath, a powerful gust of wind decided to join the event and lifted her dress, recreating Marilyn Monroe’s famous white dress moment.

Kate was quick to react and handle the situation, but the dress and wind kept causing her problems for a couple of more minutes. This resulted in quite a few photos and videos flooding the web showing Kate’s struggle.

While probably an unpleasant moment, Kate didn’t seemed visibly phased by it and remained calm. She still looked great in her outfit, which was paired with pink-ish almost nude colored high heels.

Kate has experienced problems with her featherweight dresses misbehaving before, notably in Canada during the Cambridges’ first official tour when it happened a number of times. Weights are said to be sewn into the hems of the British queen’s dresses to avoid any problems with sudden gusts. Some commentators were quick to point out that probably Kate should have followed the same tip.

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