Kate Middleton puts a new designer on the map

The Duchess of Cambridge is famous for her excellent fashion taste and style. During a recent event, Kate Middleton put a new designer on the map.

It is the London-based label The Fold which is pretty much unknown to the vast majority of people. That changed though when Kate Middleton chose one of their stylish silver dresses which she wore during her visit to Send women’s prison.

The stylish dress is called The Eaton. It features long sleeves, a V-neckline, peplum and ends like a pencil skirt. The fabric is tweed. The dress costs about 550 dollars which is not cheap, but it is still not as expensive as some of the high class designer dresses that go well into the thousands. For example the Ralph Lauren shirtdress she wore a few days ago which cost 1595 dollars.

Kate’s outfit was complete thanks to a pair of matching silver high heels with a small platform and a matching clutch bag. Her overall look was very beautiful and stylish as we’ve grown to expect from the Duchess of Cambridge.

The guys and girls at The Fold though are for sure the most happy. They can now safely expect their brand to experience the “Kate Effect” boost in stales and interest which always happens after Kate Middleton wears a given brand for the first time. Even big brands like Alexander McQueen and Zara experience it, now it is very likely that The Fold will, too.

It is up to the brand though to turn that boost in interest into something more. It got the best publicity possible thanks to Kate and it does have a few very stylish outfits in its collection. Would that be enough to earn it a place amongst the go-to brands? Probably no, but it gives a very solid foundation to do so.


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