Kate Middleton’s secret to stand in high heels all day

Kate Middleton is well known for her impeccable fashion style. The Duchess often wears high heels all day long. She has a little secret that helps her out.

US Weekly says it knows what thet secret is. According to the publication Kate relies on Alice Bow insoles. A source claims Middleton is a fan of the brand and practically never wears any type of shoes without these insoles. That includes flats and high heels, too.

The Alice Bow insoles are designed to support the ball of the foot and add extra cushion and comfort. Along with that, the soles are wrapped by top class Italian leather. They are also shaped to be able to be worn with open-toed shoes, too. They even have stickers on the back to hold them in place if that is needed.

They are also available in several colors so they can compliment each shoe very well. A pair sells for 20 dollars which is quite a lot. But then again, they are indeed made out of premium materials, and that’s quite important. Premium materials improve comfort a lot and minimize the friction between the shoe and the skin of the foot.

This in turn makes it easier to walk on any type of shoe for longer periods of time. The extra cusion on the ball of the foot on the other hand provides much needed support and thus makes it easier to stand on high heels.

So Kate Middleton has indeed oriented very well and she has found an insole that works best for her. Now, that doesn’t mean that you will feel as comfortable as her on these insoles. Happily there are lots of other brands out there which you can test. Every foot has different strenghts and weaknesses so different insole brands will have a different effect. This is why it is best to try several ones before you pick the one that works best for you.

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