Katie Holmes shows off a completely new look in New York

Katie Holmes showed off a drastic change to her look at the premiere of The Tick in New York. She was unrecognizable, but still very elegant.

It seems that from time to time celebrities like to completely change things up. Katie Holmes joins the likes of Renee Zellweger showing us a near radical change to her look.

The difference is, Katie’s new look seems to be down mostly to heavier makeup and a new hairstyle. She looks good, great even, but her signature features seem to be gone. At least for this makeup and hairstyle config.

Katie was at the Amazon Prime premiere of “The Tick” in New York. Katie arrived by foot and rocked an elegant burgundy dress.

It was a more retro style dress with a few frills and buttons at the top. The dress had a backless style and was quite short, reaching to the mid-thigh.

Katie teamed the dress with a pair of classic black pumps. They featured pointed toes and thin high heels at the very back of the shoe.

She sported heavier makeup with eyeliner, eyeshadows, foundation and burgundy lipstick. She also rocked a curly hairstyle. Katie look good and stylish, there’s no question about it. What’s interesting is to see whether she will keep this new look or if she will return to her previous, classic look.

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