Katy Perry wows in a blue leather suit and high heels in Sydney

Katy Perry is travelling the world to announce her 2018 Tour. She’s also showing off her new, daring fashion style with lots of leather and high heels.

Leather seems to be Katy’s new favorite. She has been rocking the fabric quite often since her return to the spotlight.

One particular choice for her is blue leather. Especially when mixed up with high heels and daring stockings. It seems to go well with Katy’s new rebel look with short spikey hair, too.

So, a couple of days ago, Katy was in Sydney. She was there to announce her 2018 Australia Tour and to meet up with fans.

And she opted for an impressive outfit. It featured a loose fitting blue leather jacket which was quite tight around the waist.

Katy teamed the jacket with a matching short blue leather skirt. It had a tight fit and was quite short. Thus most attention was pointed toward Katy’s toned legs which she further accented with fishnet stockings.

Finally, a pair of white high heels completed Katy’s outfit and look. The shoes had pointy toes and medium height heels. They added some elegance and style to the otherwise daring look.

Katy was also rocking dark blue eyeshadows which were quite accented. Red lipstick and lots of earrings and jewels completed her look. She looked quite impressive for sure.

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