Keke Palmer overheats the streets of LA in high heels

Keke Palmer is one of the bravest celebrities right now. She is not afraid to tell it as it is and also she loves looking as daring as possible.

Even when she goes shopping. Keke can turn this mundane thing into a newsworthy event.

And it all seems like she does it with little to no effort. That’s the sign of a true pro.

Keke was out shopping in LA, but she had chosen a very interesting and daring look for that occasion. So daring, she in fact built up a crowd when she arrived.

Her taking the time for a few poses for the photographers might have also had something to do with that. Also, her stunning look.

Keke rocked a combo of a ripped shirt and ripped denim hotpants. Around the back, the hotpants gave way to even more daring red latex hotpants which left little hidden.

Keke also rocked a pair of sky high Louboutin high heel pumps. They showed off her toned legs quite well and Keke handled them with ease.

She also carried a ripped denim jacket in her hand, but didn’t wear it. She opted for minimalistic makeup and kept her signature hairstyle. Overall a very daring and impressive look for Keke.

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