Kendall and Kylie Jenner launched their clothing and shoe brand

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are not wasting their time. The two sisters have launched their clothing and shoe brand that will feature lots of high heels.

Well, it will feature mostly clothes and swimwear, too, but it is kind of obvious our first attention would be towards the high heels. The brand name is simple “Kendall + Kylie” and it just launched its official website. As of this writing there isn’t really much on there. Only two tops from both Kendall and Kylie. Their prices are just $28 which is far from the sky high prices we are used to see when celebrities launch their fashion collections. We hope this trend will continue with the rest of the items that are to follow.

The two sisters have an interesting approach to the whole thing. Instead of overflowing the entire site with items, they will introduce two new items each week. One is designed by Kylie and the other one by Kendall. So slowly but surely there will be a lot more items.

This brand will coexist with their other collaborations like the Las Rebeldes for PacSun and their collection for Topshop which were introduced in the past few weeks.

The new range will include several pairs of high heels. Most of them should be available by the time for Spring ’16 shopping comes along. The shoes aren’t quite ready, yet. There is still some work to be done, Kendall and Kylie told Footwear News. Both admit they love high heels. Kylie says she only owns a few pairs of sneakers for flat shoes and everything else she has is some form or shape of a high heel.

Until we wait for the official glimpse of Kendall + Kylie’s new high heels, lets check out some of their efforts for the PacSun and Topshop collections.

Above are some of the items for the PacSun collection which is destined for this fall.

And here we see Kendall and Kylie Jenner at the launch of their Topshop line. Both wearing strappy high heels with Kylie opting for mesh knee boots, while Kendall goes for booties.

Stay tuned for more when the duo unveils the high heels of their latest collection which has already gathered the interest of celebrities, including Taylor Swift.

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