Kendall and Kylie Jenner on why their new shoe collection features mostly high heels

Kendall and Kylie Jenner on why their new shoe collection features mostly high heels
Kendall and Kylie Jenner show off some of their new high heels on the cover of Footwear News magazine.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner can add shoe designers to their expanding CVs. The duo has launched their shoe collection which features mostly high heels. Why so?

Well, during their media blitz promoting the launch, Kendall and Kylie shared their thoughts on high heels, who helped them with their collection and why there are no flats in their collection. The shoes are set to debut for spring 2016 under the line Kendall + Kylie.

All pieces in the line will be sold under $250, both sisters promised. Tops will wholesale between $35 and $55, bottoms between $30 and $50, dresses between $65 and $75, top and skirt sets between $75 and $95, and jackets between $75 and $105. Materials range from silk charmeuse to twill and lambskin.

The clothes will be made by 3072541 Canada Inc. while the shoes will be made by Marc Fisher Footwear, WWD reports. The line will be split in two – Kendall’s Closet and Kylie’s Closet. Both sisters have designed their own items with Kendall focusing on her favorite more classic and feminine style, while Kylie goes for her preferred edgy streetwear.

“This is all us. It’s enjoyable to be able to fully create. It’s a lot different from our Topshop and PacSun collections because those were both collaborations, so they obviously had a say in everything”, says Kendall Jenner.

“I feel like we’ve both really evolved our styles, and this represents what we want to wear”, adds Kylie. Both sisters say they have always wanted to work on their onw lines and design them. They add that they got no help of any sort from anyone, including the Kardashians. “We don’t want their opinion on it because we want it to be very ‘us.’ We don’t show them anything until it’s done and out,” Kendall tells Footwear News while giving them a look at the shoe line. “We all have similar styles but different tastes.”

“Our collections have evolved with us and our fans. It’s fun because the clothes and shoes we have created are very different than what we would have done two years ago”, Kylie says to Footwear News. The Madden deal gave them a crash course in footwear. “From him, we learned about what sells, what people are drawn to and also how it’s made,” said Kylie. “We visited the sampling factories on Long Island. There are so many elements that go into shoes.”

The collection currently features stilettos, sky high killer heels, lace-ups, platforms and so on. On a later note there might be a flat sandal. Maybe. Kylie won’t be making them, though. “I don’t wear flats. Ever. I don’t own a pair, not even gladiators,” she says. “Just a few sneakers and  that’s the only time I’ll wear a flat. Heels make me feel so much better. I’m not as skinny as Kendall, so when I’m in heels, it makes my legs look longer and slimmer. “I’m not that confident. It’s sad, I know. People would be surprised to know that. But I like to think that I rock everything I wear, and shoes can make you more confident”, Kylie admits.

Kendall says she is into flats and quite a bit. So we know who will be designing them. But don’t expect to see wedges, or as Kendall calls them – “clogs”. Neither she, nor her sister like them and there won’t be such a model in Kendall + Kylie.

And an interesting tidbit. When asked what shoe they would be, if they were shoes, Kylie says: “I’m a lace-up thigh-high” while Kendall says “I’m like a cool boot heels. Or a bright metallic pump like my Manolos”. Truth be told, a lace-up thigh-high is a pretty confident footwear, so maybe Kylie simply hasn’t realized yet she is in fact very confident. One thing is for sure, expect to see lots of boots in the Kendall + Kylie Collection if both sisters would like to be boots.


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