Kendall and Kylie Jenner rock daring high heels at the launch of their fashion collection

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner continue to dazzle with daring high heels. They rocked stunning heels at the launch of their fashion collection at Nordstrom.

The Kendal + Kylie Collection has already been officially launched. The Jenner sisters though are having special luncheons for some of the partners of the collection. Amongst them is Nordstrom.

As you can expect, both Jenners were at the top of their fashion game for the occasion. They also stayed true to their personal styles. Kendall had opted for a more casual look, while Kylie was as sexy as ever.

Kendall Jenner had opted for a black and white checkered pants with a matching mini top. Her high heels were black and a mixture of booties and pumps with no back at the heel part.

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Kendall had her hair in a pony tail and wore minimal makeup. She had a thin strappy necklace to complete her outfit.

Kylie on the other hand had opted for a more provocative outfit. It featured a classic little black dress, but with a high split on the right leg.

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Adding a further punch to her outfit was a pair of knee high high-heeled gladiator boots. Kylie had her hair loose and sexy. She also wore minimal makeup with little to no jewelry. Even so, both Jenners were looking very good, but we have to give Kylie the nod here.

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