Kendall Jenner is “flying” in a pair of winged high heels in NY

Kendall Jenner is on quite a roll lately, rocking very provocative outfits. This time she opted for a more casual look, but with an added special shoe touch.

Kendall is in New York and was seen going out with friends. True to her tastes, Kendall opted for a unique look, mixing vastly different styles.

The result was certainly impressive. The main part of her look was a classic cropped black T-shirt with a rainbow stripe.

Kendall teamed the look with a pair of loose fitting sweatpants which were for sure quite comfortable. But it seems the wanted to spice things up a bit… or a lot.

So, she opted for a pair of unique high heels. They featured several black and red stripes at the toes coming together in a circle. The back of the shoes had flame-like “wings” on either side.

This shaped them in an unique sling-back design. The shoes also featured thin metal heels with a cone top. This made the heels look lower than they actually were which is an interesting touch. Usually the shoes try to appear higher than they are. These looked like something unique as Charlotte Olympia would do, so we’re not surprised.

Kendall opted for an almost no-makeup look. She kept her hair in a bun and added a pair of elegant sunglasses to complete her casual, but stylish and certainly unique look.

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