Kendall Jenner looking stunning at Kylie’s 18th birthday

Believe it or not Kylie Jenner has just turned 18 years old. Yet, we are so used to her being in the headlines… but now Kendall is in the top of the headlines once again after looking stunning at Kylie’s own birthday party.

By all accounts Kylie’s party is probably still going on, at least as of this writing. But the first pictures are already out in the interwebs.

On them we can see that Kylie’s 18th birthday is really going to be special. She is having the party at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood.

Kendall arrived in a pretty impressive long skirt with an even more impressive slit revealing her entire left leg. We could even say that this is an asymmetrical skirt. Kendall had also chosen a tiny fitted white top and a pretty big necklace.

As for footwear, Kendall had chosen a pair of silver strappy high heels. The fashion model had also stuck to her preferable minimalistic make-up style.

She was also joined by some friends which here also quite fasionable. Stay tuned for more from Kylie’s 18th birthday party.

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