Kendall Jenner reveals how she deals with high heel pain

Fashion model Kendall Jenner has worn countless of high heels and some are very painful. Kendall has revealed her secret in dealng with high heels pain in an interview with Elle.

Often Kendall has to wear sky high killer heels. That would be fine for a little while, but she has to spend quite a lot of time in them and that can be very painful.

Kendall has to deal with extra problems as well. She says she has “the longest toes in the world”.

Lately she has started wearing lots of killer heels and Elle notes that. Kendall admits this is “kind of painful”.

“I have the longest toes in the world; they’re spider toes. They are. I have spider fingers, too! So they’re kind of being crunched right now…”, she says while in a pair of Manolo Blahniks killer heels.

Still, though she looks very comfortable, Elle notes. Kendall adds, that is because her shoes are very good, but also because she has a secret. It is the key to her signature pose of crossed legs at the ankles when she is being photographed at red carpet events.

The reason for that? This allows her to switch off from one foot to another. “You have to keep moving your feet”, Kendall says.

And she is right on the money. Keeping your feet moving allows the blood to flow better. It also allows the muscles to have some much needed rest. This helps them not only feel better, but get stronger with time.

Of course this might not work all that well for you. The reason for that is some of your muscles might be stronger than others. So you may feel better by shifting your body weight equally on both feet (although usually most women don’t do that). There are other ways too.

But what Kendall Jenner is doing is definately worth a try. And if you want to take away something from her is that you should definately keep moving your feet.

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