Kendall Jenner turns heads as she rides a bicycle in high heels

Celebrity and fashion model Kendall Jenner showed she knows how to look great even when going out for a casual ride with a rental bicycle wearing high heels.

Kendall was spotted in London on Tuesday riding a hired bicycle but not sporty dressed. Oh, no. The 19-year-old model was wearing a cropped sweater showing off her slim waist, fitted blue jeans with a high waist and a pair of silver high-heeled brogues.

Her shoes were made by Barbara Bui and are called Derby. They feature mirror silver finish and are made out of leather. Their low blocky heels make them perfect for walking and the price of less than 300 dollars has made them very sought after.

Still, there are alternatives available. Stella McCartney has a similar style but a lot more expensive. Sam Edelman has a bootie version that is much cheaper, so with a bit of surfing through the stores you might just find the best pair for you.

It seemed like Kendall simply liked the setting in Hyde Park and decided to take a quick stroll around it with the bicycle. Afterwards she returned the bike and continued on her way.

Kendall has spent quite a lot of time in London lately. There she often wows the people with her looks and outfit. This one is one of our particular favorites.

It combines style, sexiness and glamour. Nicely done.

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