Kendall Jenner wows in a special video clip for Love Advent 2015

Kendall Jenner wows in a special video clip for Love Advent 2015Kendall Jenner made her second appearance for Love Magazine’s Love Advent 2015 this time in a short Twilight-goth-like video and high heels.

A few weeks back Kendall made another appearance for Love Advent, this time wearing a shark costume and high heels. This time though there are no sharks, but there is fire… and snow… and high heels again.

It is a short video with features two parts – the first is with lots of fire and Kendall appears wearing lace and little more. In the second part there is lots of snow, so she wears a long coat and metallic high heels.

Love Magazine says Kendall melted the snow, but this doesn’t make much sense since the fire is first then the snow follows and the video ends with the snowy bit. Even she herself says on Instagram, that she is making snow. But that doesn’t mean that Kendall is not hot enough to melt the snow. It is definitely one of her more stylish videos. Take a look:

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