Kendall Jenner wows in high heels and leather leg warmers in Paris

These days Kendall Jenner is on the top of her fashion game. She’s in Paris and one of the models for this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Being both in Paris and part of the biggest fashion show of the year, does wonders for Kendall. She wowed in her latest outfit as she went outside.

Kendall knows how to provoke the mind. And she showed that in her latest outfit.

Kendall rocked a long asymmetrical coat and a black shirt. She teamed them with a pair of denim hotpants.

This probably seemed too modest for Kendall. So, she added a sprinkle of provocativeness. She opted for a pair of Louboutin high heels with mesh uppers and a pair of leather leg warmers.

Needless to say, she turned quite a lot of heads. Kendall also rocked her hair in a bun and a pair of sunglasses. She looked great.

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