Kenneth Cole just made the largest high heels in the world

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Kenneth Cole just made the largest high heels in the world
Credit: Lorenzo Ciniglio/Freelance

Famous designer Kenneth Cole is now a certified Guiness World Record holder. He and his team made the largest high heels in the world with a litle bit of help with the Today show correspondent Jill Martin.

To be exact, Cole’s heels are classified as a replica. The reason for that is that there aren’t feet big enough in the world to ever wear the shoes. And it’s actually just a shoe. The other one is not made.

The heel is 73 inches tall and 77 inches long. It is an exact replica of Cole’s Otto bootie which sells for 225 dollars.

“This was our national ad shoe this season, so we figured we’d make an even bigger statement about it,” Cole tells The Post.

The making of the shoe took about two months. The idea actually came from Jill Martin who wanted to break a world record. She decided to incorporate her love for high heels and started to look for designers who would like to join her quest. Cole quickly agreed and the work began.

“Footwear in and of itself might be one of the most difficult products to bring to market because it’s not just about designing,” Cole says. The designer notes that high heels are a bit more that simple shoes. “It’s about engineering and it’s about sculpting, and ultimately it has to be a perfect proportion in order for it to fit and hold the weight of its inhabiter. And then to take it and change its scale is an even greater feat.”

Cole and Martin were joined by the prop company Izquierdo Studo. They tok the design and started to work. The end result is a shoe that used 6000 square feet of calfskin and hand-cut foam. The shoe weighs about 150 pounds. The zipper works and the buckle is made on a 3D printer.

The big shoe will be on public display at Lord & Taylor’s flagship location on their newly renovated shoe floor. Also, from 10 a.m. Thursday to 6 p.m. Friday, a portion of the sales proceeds from the regular-size “Otto” heels on will go to NYC charity Garden of Dreams Foundation.

The designer also says he wants to make the other half of the pair. Would that classify as a double record? It certainly is a high-heeled one.

The previous record was set back in 1996. Edmund Kryza from Poland made a high heel pump. It was 44 inches high and 72 inches long.

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