Kim Kardashian continues to impress in latex and high heels

Kim Kardashian continues to impress by slimming down more and more. She loves to show off her new figure in daring outfits including latex and high heels.

Now, Kim has never been too shy and has rocked some very daring outfits throughout the years. But now she hits a new high by showing off her ever so improving figure.

Actually, Kim has never been so slim before and she’s continuing to lose weight. We have the feeling she’s going for a near supermodel look probably.

No matter her goal, she’s never looked so good which is impressive, especially when considering she’s a mother. And her look seems to be improving even more!

She was seen recently at the Giorgio Baldi restaurant in West Hollywood. Kim was rocking a bold outfit, featuring a revealing lace top with a deep neckline and a silk jacket.

Adding further punch to the outfit was a skin tight short latex skirt. It was showing off Kim’s curves which she had no problems with.

To complete her look, she had gone for a pair of strappy high heels. Everything about them was very thin – from the straps, to the heels.

Kim rocked her hair in a ponytail and had gone for accenting makeup. A great look for her.

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